Social media is more than just the new word of mouth.

Businesses without social are increasingly finding themselves pushed out of the ranking game to their competition with social media presence.

Now more than ever, keeping engaged with your clients and customers is growing more important as a staple to your overall marketing plan.

At Phase 4 Marketing we know how to get our clients talked about. And we’re good at it. With the latest technology and up to date social marketing strategies, we are able to dial in on your ideal target market, increase engagement and bring in the results.

For many industries, social media is one of the easiest ways to get your content in front of your ideal customer. Having an engaged and active social profile creates credibility and helps develop builds and foster a loyal following of your target prospects.

Social Media Marketing

We help our clients create predictable, profitable social media advertising strategies and campaigns that get your business talked about.

With social media taking on a more dominant role for businesses, there is nothing worse than having a customer search for your business social media profile and finding an abandoned page or platform. Lack of social media gives the perception that a company is out of business or is on its way.

Social media is also an extension of your customer service as it is now a way in which customers communicate. Your business is being talked about whether you have a social presence or not. Having engaged social platform lets you protect your reputation while promoting your brand awareness.

Here are some stats to consider when deciding on the importance of having social a part of your overall marketing strategy. According to the latest research and data.

1) More than 75% of consumers rely on social media to guide purchasing decisions either positive or negative.

2) 71% of consumers are likely to purchase an item based on social media referrals.

3) Almost 90% of consumers base their purchase after looking at online reviews.

4) 86% of consumers base their decision on negative reviews.


As far as organic ranking, Google and other search engines look at a business’s social profile when determining their position in the SERPs. The better your business shows up with a social presence, the better you will rank against your competitors. 

Currently, the 3 major platforms that are most looked at when considering social presence are Facebook, Google + and Twitter. If your business is in retail, throw in Instagram. You have a business to run. There are many business needs to tend to, running your social presence is generally not on the to-do list.

At Phase 4, our team can help develop and nurture your social media presence, making sure you are up to date with the latest platforms, tools, and strategies. We make it a priority to ensure that your customers are responded to in a timely fashion while posting the most relevant content related to your industry is just the beginning.

In a recent study, almost 50% of people who tweeted to a business expected a reply within an hour. Almost 40% expected a reply within 30 minutes. Facebook now looks at your response time as a significant determiner on how you manage your page. Having our team engaging with your clients, making sure they are supported, will help show that you are there for them.

We take care of your social media management. Creating content for your brand is essential for multiple reasons. Today your company must have at least 2 posts per week to be considered to have “social presence”. Likewise, if your customers see you haven’t posted any content in a month, they’ll likely think something wrong.

It’s one thing to post content and another thing to promote it. Unfortunately just posting to your social platforms is not enough if you want to increase the size of your audience or further your brand awareness. Both Facebook and Twitter have made it more difficult for businesses to reach their target audience organically. It is very important for businesses to run social ads to increase this audience.

This is what we have mastered over the last several years. For those who know the systems, platforms like Facebook have made targeting your ideal demographic far easier than other platforms. From age to geo, gender, to income level, and purchase behavior to associations to your business, the Facebook marketing platform allows for an ultra-targeted marketing campaign so your content or promotion is placed in front of the right people.

Social media marketing is one of the best ways for your community to learn about your brand while introducing or keeping your product or service on the top of their minds. Once we discuss your goals, we can create a customized plan using the right social channels to reach and engage your target audience. We’ll help you set up your social media channels, install analytics and design the graphics and content so your brand is congruent throughout.

Our plan will discuss social media advertising opportunities that work best for your business. With the right plan of attack, we can propel your social pages into your audience’s news feeds. From contests to promotions we have the strategies to not only engage and cause virility of your brand. We then share relevant information to keep them coming back.

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